September 11th, 2012

Brad Plumer discovers that poll respondents preferred Obama to Romney in ridiculous scenarios :

In a ship in a storm, who would you rather have as captain, O. or R.? (Obama won 46 to 43)
Who would you prefer to have care for you if you were sick, O. or R.? (Obama won 49 to 36)

It’s not too difficult to imagine situations, involving beer, Stetsons and barbecues, in which one might prefer G.W. Bush over Barack Obama. But here’s a challenge to RBC readers:

Construct a scenario in which your personal preference would be Romney over Obama, or Ryan over Biden.

9 Responses to “Wanted: a reason for preferring Romney and Ryan”

  1. DenguyFL says:

    Since I am not likely to be on a ship in a storm, how about the equally implausible “Who would you prefer to handle your offshore accounts?” Too easy.

  2. Josh says:

    If you were a multimillionaire and a majority shareholder in a large but privately-held corporation, who would you rather hire as your corporate executive officer?

  3. Josh says:

    Ryan over Biden: Who would you prefer to see in a gay porn video?

  4. noyatin says:

    Romney over Obama – If you were a teacher who perpetually forgot to give the homework assignment and had to rely on a student to remind you.

  5. drduck says:

    Assuming we were beset by cannibals who promise to eat only one of us, I would prefer the company of Romney.

  6. calling all toasters says:

    If you won the lottery, who would you rather have help you avoid paying taxes on your winnings?

  7. kevo says:

    Who would be better as a sycophant – Romney, Ryan or, oh, hell, they have it hands down!

  8. Alex F says:

    Best hair.

  9. Who would you hire as an office intern to run errands, make coffee and do the photocopying, Ryan or Biden?

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