James Wimberley

This home page is intended as a vanity publication wall for various bits and pieces that I've written over the years, and may still be of wider interest to some. They were written for particular circumstances, of which I've left in the traces. Many of the pieces are tangentially work product from my years at the Council of Europe, but I mostly wrote them in my spare time, and in my opinion there's nothing that breaches any duty of confidence.

The page has little family stuff – except for this -, and I don't update it much.

E-mail: jwimberley at gmail dot com

I post roughly once a week at The Reality-Based Community, a liberal (in the US sense) current affairs blog run by Mark Kleiman of UCLA. Here's a blog archive of my posts.

created May 2006, last revised October 2014

The pieces


Civil society and the reformation of higher education in central and eastern Europe, September 1999 (published in “Higher Education in Europe”)

Contribution au Colloque “Ethique et éducation”, Fondation Ostade Elahi, Paris, March 2003

Fourth Stockholm International Forum: Preventing Genocide, statement, January 2004

History and culture

Meeting of experts on “The Greeks in the History of the Black Sea”, opening remarks, Thessaloniki, December 1999

Circe's Loom, May 2001

Civilisations in the blender, April 2002

Parallels and divergences in religious terrorism, memo, 18 September 2001 (note the date)

The Spanish Inquisition: a personal view, November 2008

The John Milton Christmas Special, December 2008

Politics, law, philosophy

The foundations of Human Rights, memo, September 1998

More flaws in algorithmic democracy, letter to Kenneth Arrow, January 2003

Darfur and Chinese values, letter to the Permanent Representative of China to the UN, December 2005

The house that Jean Monnet built, thoughts on the future of the European Union, March 2006

Dead as Königsberg? The politics and ethics of Immanuel Kant, paper for the Nerja Philosophy Group, March 2012

Internationalism and Supranationalism in Europe: a Clerk's Tale, talk delivered at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, October 2014

Why do we screw up?, talk delivered at the Nerja Philosophy Group, November 2017

Climate Change: what’s in it for me?, talk delivered at the Nerja Philosophy Group, November 2018


► “Eternal Father, strong to save”, October 1999

Saint Alban and Saint George, a thought for the day, August 2001

Tyndale's Bible, October 2009

Epidemic 2020

Tracking COVID-19 in Andalucia and Spain, March 2020

Blog posts